Nano-immunoEra workshop (14-17 April 2024 ) in Bologna

🌎Nano-immunoEra workshop (14-17 April 2024 ) at UNIBO: Happy to share some moments of the workshop organized by the UNIBO analytical group. The workshop “One health: new frontiers for bioanalytical chemistry” lasted two and a half days accompanied by a second event focused on “quality control workshop for the one health challenge: the quality of the data”. Particular attention was on the challenges of Data Management in One Health Model and the concept of FAIR data

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Nano-ImmunoEra online Meeting 11/01/2024

Jan 11st, 2024. NanoImmunoERA online meeting for the MSCA Staff Exchanges: sharing the results of the first year of the project. 🇮🇹🇪🇸🇳🇱🇩🇪🇺🇸🇿🇦🇨🇭


Nano-immunoEra Video is now online

🌎Nano-immunoEra video: Nano-ImmunoEra is a research and innovation staff exchange network aiming at the development of innovative biosensors and diagnostic tools for the detection of clinically relevant antibodies. Nano-ImmunoEra will form the next generation of clinically-oriented analytical scientists capable of delivering innovative solutions that will improve the lives of patients, reduce the cost of healthcare and position Europe as a leader in biomedical devices.

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Nano-immunoEra workshop (13-15 December 2023 ) in Rome

🌎Nano-immunoEra workshop (13-15 December 2023 ) at UNITOV: Happy to share some moments of the workshop organized by the UNITOV analytical group. The workshop was attended by 10 researchers and secondees of Nano-immunoEra showing the results of the project to the sensor community.

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Nano-ImmunoEra Kick-off Meeting

Feb 1st, 2023. kick-off meeting for the MSCA Staff Exchanges in Bologna: Nanotechnology enabled detection of clinically relevant antibodies for cancer diagnosis