Nano-ImmunoEra is intended for creating novel nanobiosensing platforms with unique analytical features and broad impact in molecular diagnostics. Due to the ageing and growth of the world population and the problems caused by chronic lifestyle diseases, biomedical diagnoses and biosensors are becoming essential. Although few examples of compact and easy to use miniaturised devices to detect different biomarkers for constant, real-time surveillance of human health are already commercially available, there is a further need for research, development, and commercialisation of complex bimolecular based sensors to fulfil various healthcare requirements. The scientific impact that the achievement of the Research, Training and Collaborative objectives of this project will have in general can be summarized as follows:

  1. CRISPR-based diagnostics
  2. Going beyond immunoassays
  3. Impact on early cancer diagnosis
  4. Moving towards personalized immunotherapy through therapeutic antibody monitoring
  5. Train a new generation of chemist, nanotechnologists, biologists and engineers in the field of biosensors and will prepare European junior participants to be the future leaders of this new field
  6. It will help create a network of excellence in materials science and biosensors
  7. It will help reinforce scientific collaborations between European Countries and the USA, South Africa and Switzerland

Expected economic/technological impact

Key elements of the innovative nanotechnology-based approach of this project are:


The development of different nanomaterials-based approaches and transduction elements that can improve the analytical features of sensing technologies.


The production of sensing devices for antibody monitoring with application in cancer monitoring.

Societal impact(s)

NanoImmuno-Era is addressing global challenges that are priorities in Horizon Europe framework program and in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Particularly, it meets one of the main EU Mission, namely the Mission Cancer, contributing in provide a better understanding of cancer, allow for earlier diagnosis and optimise treatment and improve cancer patients’ quality of life during and beyond their cancer treatment. NanoImmuno-Era directly addresses three on four objectives of the Mission Understanding of cancer, Prevention and early detection, Diagnosis and treatment.