Proposal title: Nanotechnology-enabled detection of clinically relevant antibodies for early cancer diagnosis and immunotherapy monitoring

Acronym:  Nano-ImmunoEra

Abstract: Nano-ImmunoEra is a research and innovation staff exchange network aiming at the development of innovative biosensors and diagnostic tools for the detection of clinically relevant antibodies. Nano-ImmunoEra will form the next generation of clinically-oriented analytical scientists capable of delivering innovative solutions that will improve the lives of patients, reduce the cost of healthcare and position Europe as a leader in biomedical devices. Since standard laboratory-based methodologies and disposable tests present several analytical limitations, we have selected antibodies as molecular targets of this project because their rapid, sensitive and specific detection in bodily fluids still represent a significant diagnostic challenge. To deliver these goals, we have assembled a highly inter- and multidisciplinary and multicultural team of European as well as strategic non-EU Countries (USA, Switzerland and South Africa) through the collaboration among 7 academic institutions and 2 non-academic partners to enable ultimate impact to the healthcare. The expertise of different and multidisciplinary research teams, comprised of PhD and Postdoctoral as well as experienced researchers from Universities and companies, will endow Nano-ImmunoEra with a strong intersectoral dimension, which is of high importance for a broad and effective impact of the project. In addition, this program involves key participation of junior researchers with exceptional scientific backgrounds and accomplishments, and will provide strong support for the development of their careers. The transfer of knowledge and related training activities aim to provide scientists achieving specific competences in the field of materials sciences, nanotechnology, molecular biology and biosensors.