• D1.1: Training scientists and report on responsive nucleic-acid based devices for Ab detection
  • D1.2: Training scientists and production and comprehensive physical-chemistry characterization of recombinant Ab.
  • D1.3: Training scientists and report on responsive type III CRISPR-Cas protein production.
  • D2.1: Training of scientists and production of disposable ink-jet printed electrodes.
  • D2.2: Report on electrochemical nanostructured electrochemical sensors
  • D2.3: Training of scientists on nanoelectrode manufacturing and lecture note on nanoelectrode ECL for biosensing applications
  • D2.4: Lecture note on analytical transducer methods for biosensing applications
  • D3.1: Training of young scientists on assay and report detailing for nanoelectrode assay in bodily fluids.
  • D3.2: Training of young scientists and report detailing for Ab analysis in bodily fluid using electrochemical nanostructured biosensors.
  • D3.3: Report detailing for Ab detection using electrochemiluminescence biosensors.
  • D4.1: Training of young scientists and technical report for microfluidic device development
  • D4.2: Production of a lab-on-a-chip device for Ab detection
  • D4.3: Training of young scientists and production of integrated nanoelectrode device for Ab detection in bodily fluids.
  • D5.1: Progress report
  • D5.2: Mid-term meeting


Plan for dissemination and exploitation

30 Jun 2023

Plan for dissemination and exploitation.

Lead Beneficiary: UCM

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Data Management Plan

30 Jun 2023

Data Management Plan.

Lead Beneficiary: UNIBO

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Prototype of biosensors

31 Dec 2026

Prototype of biosensors.

Lead Beneficiary: Feral GmbH

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