The future of molecular diagnostics

Our aim is to develop, optimize, and assess novel molecular diagnostic platforms with a focus on cancer monitoring. Combining different nano- and microscale materials and devices, with antibody-responsive biomolecules serving as recognition elements.

The young international project

The proposed exchange program aims at boosting academic careers of young researchers, and at promoting a transfer of knowledge between Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and South Africa by building a multicultural team.

A strong intersectoral dimension

A key aspect of Nano-ImmunoEra is its interdisciplinary nature to use a variety of approaches and strategies. The project brings together nucleic acid chemistry, molecular bioengineering, electrochemiluminescence and CRISPR-based technology.

Europe, research and careers

Our aim is to encourage the mobility of researchers in Europe and to boost the careers of European researchers. It is essential to make Europe attractive again to the rest of the world by giving young people a taste for research and scientific careers.

The next generation detection

Latest News

Stay updated on the NanoImmunoERA project and the latest publications.

New Paper in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

New Paper in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry…

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Nano-immunoEra mid-term meeting in Rome

🌎Nano-immunoEra mid-term meeting in Rome: Happy to share…

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Nano-immunoEra workshop (14-17 April 2024 ) in Bologna

🌎Nano-immunoEra workshop (14-17 April 2024 ) at UNIBO:…

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Interview with Prof Alessandro Porchetta

New interview with Prof Alessandro Porchetta relating to…

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New Paper in Angewandte Chemie International Edition

New paper in Angewandte Chemie International Edition…

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Meet our secondees Elisa Paialunga

🌎Meet our secondees: Elisa Paialunga from 🇮🇹 (UNITOV) to…

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Nano-ImmunoEra online Meeting 11/01/2024

Jan 11st, 2024. NanoImmunoERA online meeting for the MSCA…

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Meet our secondees Andrea Celeste Di Pede

🌎Meet our secondees: Andrea Celeste Di Pede from 🇮🇹…

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United in research. This is our international team

To deliver these goals, we have assembled a highly inter- and multidisciplinary and multicultural team of European as well as strategic non-EU Countries through the collaboration among 7 academic institutions and 2 non-academic partners to enable ultimate impact to the healthcare.


Alma Mater Studiorum (UNIBO)
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Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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University of Rome Tor Vergata
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Wageningen University & Research
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Associated Partner Organisations

University of Western Cape
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University of California Santa Barbara
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Northwestern University
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Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology
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